Are They Even Scary?

So I have recently beaten SOMA, the spiritual successor to Amnesia developed by Frictional Games, and I must say it was a damn good game! Story was intriguing and deep, atmosphere was perfect, but the scares–they left something to be desired. The game doesn’t necessarily terrify you, rather, it makes your heart race and a bit anxious. The monsters were creepy and haunting, but never actually terrifying.

My recent issue with horror games these days is that they don’t give me the fear they used to. I used to not want to continue through a game they scared me so much and I absolutely loved it! 

When I first played Outlast, developed by Red Barrels Studio, I was deathly afraid of the game. By my third play through it was nothing and since then I don’t get scared by horror games easily.

I’m waiting for the day developers make a game that is so terrifying that I through my headset off and jump out my chair.

For your question of the day: what was your favorite and most terrifying horror game to play?


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