Pewdiepie Wrongly Attacked

So I might be highly biased because I’ve been watching Pewdiepie for years, but Makers move to distance themselves from Felix was absolutely ridiculous and what kills me is that even YouTube themselves caught a case of the dumbs as well. Now, media outlets are just using this bullshit as a way to make views and blowing it way out of proportion and some of them even dare to say it was a “joke”. Pewdiepie is not anywhere near being antisemitic and the whole thing was a joke that even he did not expect to happen the way it did.

And on top of the bullshit that is Maker Studios, YouTube is even distancing itself from him (which I have no idea how the hell they could do that when his channel is on their platform). YouTube has canceled Felix’s Red show Scare Pewdiepie and now everyone is wondering what the hell else YouTube will do.

Felix has yet to make a video, tweet, or even a Instagram post on what’s going on and it worries me what it could mean for his channel. And not even his channel, but his office, Revelmode, Marzia, their home, everything will be affected and that scares me.

For your question of the day: do you think Maker was wrong to drop Felix or not?


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