America Should Not Be

From the beginning, America was born from many things which includes genocide; something that American’s are against. Scholars predicted that around 50 million, even some arguing 100 million or more Natives lived in what is now known as America before it was colonized (which is a process that should not be since it means taking over land that was already populated). Now, the population of Native “Americans” is around 2.9 million. Meaning, the original settlers and those after contributed to the near genocide of the Native population. This alone is, without question, unspeakable and is blatantly ignored by all.

Now, ignoring the fact that the start of America should be the main and only reason America shouldn’t be there is another; the American Revolution. This will be purely opinionated and not entirely based off facts, do not take the following words as such. So, the “Americans” wanted to cut ties and separate themselves from Great Britain. However, the land that they were on, even though it isn’t there or Great Britain’s, Great Britain owned it. It was theirs or better yet, an extension of theirs. So basically, the Americans told Great Britain that we are not your people and this is no longer your land, it is ours. The Americans declared they were taking land that Great Britain owned, which is basically annexing to GB. From there the Americans kept pushing and pushing their “independence” until it basically became an insurrection and the British decided to destroy a weapon/ammo cache in hopes to stop the revolt from continuing. And so the war began.

What I want you to take from the second part is that I agree with Britain in that the “Americans” should not and could not take the colonies from them as their own. The colonies should have stayed a part of Great Britain and a monarchy overseas.

Question of the post: actually…I don’t need over patriotic Americans screaming about “The Greatest Country In The World”.


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