The Truth About College

This is not a complaint from a child that is graduating from high school and is being forced to go to college by his parents. This is the complaint of college student who actually understands how the world works and how useless college is. So, let me explain from my point of view (the point of my entire blog). I am currently in my last 15 months of college (it’s February and I graduate next May) and I’ve come to realize that I don’t honestly need a Bachelors to get a job. Now that doesn’t mean that it’s not required, but I don’t need it… okay, let me rephrase.

The degree that I’m in, the curriculum doesn’t really have any classes that teach me how to do a specific job or hone a specific skill. This degree, besides fucking Math and English BS, requires me to take classes on concepts and ideas surrounding the topic of Management so I’m learning the “how to basic” shit for Management and that’s it. No real skills are being honed or taught. So technically, to get an entry level job as say a Human Resources Assistant, I really don’t learn how to do the job.

What the degree really says is, “Hey, I spent 4 extra years and thousands of dollars in school so that you can accept me as a low wage employee”. And THAT my friends is absolute bullshit. I’m not learning how to run a business, be in an administrative position, or be in a specific field. I’m learning how to take exams to get a piece of paper for society to accept me as a useful resource to keep the cogs of this shitty economy going.

Question of the post: what degree are you in, what job do you want, and is your degree really helping you prepare for said job?


2 thoughts on “The Truth About College

  1. Well captured, Timothy! Spending thousands of dollars getting a college degree only to join the workforce as a wage slave is definitely not a practical way of achieving financial security. Keep up the good effort! -jh


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