My Fascination with Tiny Houses

I have always been interested in architecture, but never took the plunge to study it or try to make it into a career. My interests are things that I highly enjoy and I feel like making them all a career would reduce my interest in them. Anyways, when tiny houses became a bigger and bigger thing I really took an interest in them and would think up ways to reduce my belongings or how I could take a small structure, vehicle, or even a room I was in and turn it into a house. I even went as far as thinking of ways to make a community of cheap, but very versatile homes for homeless veterans because that is an issue that I take very seriously.

Now, I have a modest amount of belongs and for the most part I’m a simple man. I own a gaming PC (all the peripherals needed for my YouTube channel and gaming needs), console, TV, laptop (hopefully a gaming laptop in the future), growing book collection, Pop! Vinyl collection, small amount of clothes (my style is simple as hell), and that’s about it. So I don’t need a whole lot of space, just enough storage for my tech or a decent desk to house it all like I do now.

I’ve been thinking of ways to fit that all on a school bus and one day I plan to buy one, strip it, and see what design I can make out of it. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever live out of one, but it is something I would definitely like to try one day.

Question of the post: what is your opinion on tiny homes/school bus conversions and would you ever live in one? If you don’t already.


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