The Past, Present, and Future of Far Cry

Far Cry is an amazing series that everyone in the gaming community knows and either loves or hates. Since it’s original launch back in 2004, Far Cry has changed drastically from a linear, first-person shooter to an open world masterpiece. The first game, like I said before, launched in 2004 and followed Jack Carver, an ex-Special Forces who is stranded on a mysterious archipelago after the journalist he was escorting went missing. Jack gets infected with a mutagen that turns him into a primal super-soldier.

Following the release of Far Cry, Ubisoft launched five spin-offs which is unbelievable to me. I get it that if you’re making good money on a title you should keep going with it, but damn that’s a bit much for one game. Instinct, the first spin-off, added multiplayer/map maker and a new ability. Evolution added a new story, more weapons/vehicles and enhanced the multiplayer/map maker. Predator was just a graphical enhancement on Instinct and Evolution. Then there was Paradise Lost, a rail shooter and finally Vengeance, a Wii version of Evolution with some new levels.

It finally went open world with Far Cry 2 which followed, whomever from a list of characters you choose, getting caught up in an African conflict between the UFLL and APR while chasing an arms dealer named The Jackal.

Then there was Far Cry 3 where you play as Jason Brody. You and your friends are kidnapped, during vacation, by a psychopath named Vaas. Your goal is to save your friends using the mythical “abilities” you get from the people of the jungle. There was a DLC to Far Cry 3 called Blood Dragon, but anyone who knows what that is tries to pretend it never happened.

Far Cry 4 was massive and don’t get me wrong, 3 was large, but the scale and the amount of things to do in 4 was incredible. You played as Ajay Ghale who returns to his native country to spread his mothers ashes, but gets thrusted into a war between a despotic, self-appointed king Pagan Min and the Golden Path. Chooses during this game are crucial and do make a difference, but keep in mind, there are multiple endings.

Far Cry Primal was a fantastic idea and is technically a spin-off. Set in 10,000 BC during the Mesolithic period in Europe, you play as Takkar, a member of the Wenja tribe. Takkar is stranded in new land, Oros, and using his new ability to tame wild animals, he must piece his tribe back together and their new leader and take back what was stolen from them.

Ubisoft hasn’t made any announcements about a new Far Cry, but what we do know is that they are going to be spending time on it, making it bigger and better than ever which gives me hope.

Question of the post: which Far Cry was your favorite?


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